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Change a Wrong Shipping Address on an Order

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Change a Wrong Shipping Address on an Order

In case you have forgotten to update your shipping address or unintentionally put in a wrong address, do not worry. If the package has not been shipped there is a great chance to change the shipping address.


Changing the shipping address after the order

To make sure you can change the address of the order you’ve placed, you have to find out if the order has been shipped or not. To do this you have to navigate to the “My Account” page > Orders and there you will see your recent orders.


If your order hasn’t been shipped, contact the vendor and request for an address change or cancel the order to re-order with the correct shipping address. If your order has been shipped, head over to the vendor’s policy to see if they offer refunds or replacements.

If your package is missing, most shipping services require that the sender open a claim. If this is the case, you may need to ask the vendor to assist you.


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